szeltersz – Szeltersz Guesthouse

Horseback riding in Harghita-Bai

Wonderful slopes, high peaks, traditional Szekler hospitality, horses, and unlimited riding! Doesn’t it sound good? Would you like to take a hike in such a place, wouldn’t you? The Sopárkút Inn welcomes its rider guests looking for recreation all year round!

Admire the narcissus field nearby

One of the largest narcissus fields in Romania lies on a 5-hetacre protected area. 180-200 easily identifiable star-shaped narcissus flowers can be found here on every square meter. The plant blooms at the end of April-beginning of May. The locals have been organizing the narcissus festival at the end of May every year ever since 1976, rendering it more diverse by cultural and traditional shows and activities.

Grazing and mowing still occurs on the protected field. The number of flowers is constantly decreasing due to the harmful human interventions and the excessive picking of this protected plant.

Fishing on the pond in Lueta

The Lueta Pond lies on 1.5 hectares.

The average depth of the pond is 2.5 m.

There are 13 piers on the pond; fishing is allowed only from the piers.

Fishing is allowed with 2 fishing rods and one hook per each.

The local bar serves food (traditional sausages (mititei), stake, fish).

Max. 2.5 kg of caught fish can be taken away at a price of 15 lei/kg.

Camping and caravans are allowed on the pond site upon pre-established booking.

Pay a visit to the Almas cave

A 4 km hosszúságú Vargyas-szorost a Hargita-hegységből eredő Vargyas-pataka alakította ki, áttörve az itt található mészkőtömbön. Az évezredek folyamán öt jól elhatárolható szinten több mint száz, kisebb-nagyobb barlang alakult ki a szorosban. Az ötödik szint jelenleg is alakulóban levő, aktív barlang.

Az Almási-barlang a szurdokban a legnagyobb és legismertebb. Az itt talált emberi és állatmaradványok, különböző eszközök, régészeti leletek tanúsága szerint már a paleolitikumban lakott hely volt.

Discover the limestone gorges of the Vârghis brook

The limestone gorges shaped by the Vârghis brook in the Quaternary is one of the most spectacular natural wonders, landscapes in Szeklerland after the Bicaz Gorges. This place is a thrilling sight of the inner and outer part of the 150-miilion-year-old organic limestone mountain range deep under the southern Harghita, which anyone can admire. The Vârghis brook loudly rushing down the Harghita Madaras peak sawed through the limestone spine deep below, and the two sides of the valley are bordered by the steep, 40-50 m high limestone cliffs

Take a hike to Harghita-Băi

The steaming mofetta is recommended for chronic arthritis, high blood pressure, ischemia, circulatory disorders, hardening dermatitis, intervertebral disk pain, nerve compression, spinal pain etc. The mofetta is open only in summer (from May through November depending on the weather).

It is also recommended for cardiovascular conditions and chronic inflammation. Springs: Csipike, Vallató, Piricske, Szemvíz, Lobogó. The Vallató and the Lobogó springs are also pools. The origin of the Vallató [inquisitor] name is due to its temperature, which is 6-7 °C both in winter and in summer.

Discover the thermal baths of Szeltersz!

The thermal baths and its surroundings are located in one of the most picturesque areas of Harghita County, at 824 m above sea level. At merely 2 km from Vlahita, halfway between Odorheiu Secuiesc and Miercurea Ciuc the tourists longing for relaxation and rest can find a genuine tourist heaven.

There are two 25-degree pools fed by thermal water in the camping and holiday center called Szentegyháza Gyöngye [The pearl of Vlahita]. In the area around them we offer out guests board and accommodation as well as parking facilities.